Over 60% of pharmaceutical molecules on the market are chiral, meaning they exist in two distinct forms which are difficult to distinguish from one another. Often, these two forms of a chiral molecule have two completely different effects in the human body. In pharmaceutical molecules, this can mean a difference in drug potency or the presence or absence of harmful side effects.



We provide benchtop analytical instruments that give industry, research, and academic facilities easier access to chiral analytics.

Specifically, our technology enables the measurement of absolute configuration and enantiomeric excess in a variety of solvents. From small molecules with multiple chiral centers to proteins and peptides our instruments help to unravel complex molecular structures.



We invite you to explore the potential of your unique molecules through our measurement abilities. Our technology enables precise and accurate measurement of chirality in a variety of compounds.

ENANTIOS also provides measurement services to determine the absolute configuration of your complex chiral molecules.

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Raman optical activity (ROA), our technology empowers us to provide precise measurements of molecular chirality. Our instruments can operate in three distinct measurement wavelengths, each of which is custom-tailored to suit your unique application requirements.

Take advantage of our expertise and explore how we can help you achieve your goals. For buying an instrument or using our measurement services please GET IN TOUCH.