Our technology is based on an optical effect known as Raman Optical Activity (ROA).

This effect can determine the structure of complex chiral molecules and biologics. It can be measured on almost all molecule types, and is compativle with a a variety of solvents, including aqueous (biologically relevant) buffer solutions. Unlike currently available techniques, ours can be used without calibration on virtually any molecule and can be used without a second analytical technique.

A comparison of the use of our technology (ROA) vs the current technology:

Despite the advantages of the ROA technique, it has been under-utilized because of the challenges of measuring this effect. At ENANTIOS, we have combined space-based imaging technology with a complete instrumental redesign to provide an easy-to-use ROA instrument so now even non-specialized labs can use this powerful technique.

To learn more about ROA and how it can be used to address your measurement solutions we suggest the following papers:

To learn more about ENANTIOS` innovations in ROA instrumentation:


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